I know I know… this is not a guitar but, it is a Bass Guitar, so I’m ok to post it here.

As you probably already guessed, I am a guitar player however I’ve been recently asked to stand in for a bass player in a band for a few gigs and even though I was offered a bass I thought this was a perfect opportunity to add yet another instrument to my “collection”.

I’ve always loved the way the Thunderbird looks, it has “rock music” written all over it, not sure if it’s because of Motley Crue or not but it just does. So I love the way the bass looks however I wasn’t keen on spending over a grand on this because I’m not a bass player… (meaning my wife would kill me) so I went on to ebay and started looking for basses, I looked at a few models and brands mainly because I read some not really good comments about the Thunderbird, players complain about the nose dive and about pickups being a bit muddy, I say… beauty comes at a price and closed my eyes and hit “buy now” on an old Thunderbird including a hard shell case. so it sounded like the perfect deal, considering the case for this bass is pretty hard to find due to the size of the instrument (yes, it is larger than other basses).

Moving along to the actual review of this bass…. I think it’s great, the pickups are a bit dark, but most of the bass amps bring an EQ which pretty much takes care of this issue, the nose dive has been fixed in newer models I believe… by changing locations of the strap buttons, but mine is an old version made in Korea (don’t get me started on the Korea vs. China Epiphone quality) so it does have a bit of a nose dive, but… when you are playing you can put a bit of an extra weight on your right arm and that does it… don’t stress your left hand, this one should be busy flying through the fretboard.

It’s a great instrument, I’m not sure if it’s the best for the price but as you can tell from the pictures, the bass looks amazing! you will get loads of compliments! (for the bass… not for you).

thunderbird logo bass epiphone _DSC7504 thunderbird bass control _DSC7506